never fading love

I cannot remember the last Fathers Day I spent with my own dad. Today actually feels special. I’ve spent the last nine of these wallowing in self pity.

 ‘woe is me, I can’t be with my dad today’ – how insignificant that complaint feels now… 

I know that some people don’t have a father to confide in. I know that some people have no one to confide in. That has never been a burden that I have had to face. No matter what, there has always been someone willing to listen… I just haven’t always been willing to talk… 

I tried to take my dad out tonight, just for a few drinks, he refused me paying- ‘You being here is all I need!’ 

We had dinner with the family, which as per usual, was lovely. We have this dinner table tradition where we talk about the best and the worst part of our day.  At the time I didn’t know it, but my highlight was spending the evening at a bar with my dad, the night before Fathers Day, being refused to buy his drinks, talking about so many different things. 

You know you’ve hit the dad jackpot when you can talk to him about boys and get his genuine opinion on love and what your next steps should be. 

This evening felt so special to me. It’s so important to know that you’ve constantly got someone in your corner. That your number one fan is standing behind you with your name smeared across his forehead. To feel a love that you know will never fade. 

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